What is a man to do when a woman is stonewalling

Men have a tendency toward problem solving while women often prefer talking about issues instead of actually working through. Women often feel like they’re being blamed for something, attacked, judged, criticised and accused.

A man who has been stonewalled by his Austin escorts, girlfriend, or significant other may feel frustrated because he doesn’t know what he did wrong. 

What Is A Stonewaller? 

A stonewaller is someone who refuses to talk about an important issue. The person may be angry and afraid of the consequences of talking about the issue or trying to protect his or her feelings, or those of others.

As a man, you may feel frustrated by this behaviour because it prevents you from getting what you want out of your relationship, and no one likes being denied something they want. 

However, there are things that can help ease this frustration and even turn it into positive energy for your relationship:

Give Her Time Alone

But women often want a man to understand that he isn’t the problem, she is. She needs time alone so she can process her feelings without any input from him or anyone else. 

This allows her brain cells to release serotonin into her bloodstream which makes her feel better about herself as well as less anxious about what happened between them earlier in their relationship or even earlier in life.

Men Want To Find Solutions

Men want to know when they’re doing something wrong so they can fix it. Women tend to be indirect and passive-aggressive, which can make it difficult for men to understand what’s going on with them. 

Men are more direct and confrontational, so when a woman is stonewalling, a man may mistakenly think that she has some kind of problem with him or the relationship itself, even if this isn’t true.

Men May Feel Like They’re Failing

Women are more likely to feel like they aren’t being heard or understood by their partners, and this can cause them to shut down as well. Men also want to know when they’re doing something wrong so that they can fix it and make things right again. But when a woman shuts down on her man, he doesn’t get any feedback about what she’s feeling or thinking about him or the situation at hand. 

Know The Difference In Communication 

It’s been said that women are better at talking than men. Men are better at listening than women. Women are better at expressing their feelings, while men prefer to express themselves with facts and opinions instead of emotions.

Women tend to communicate in a way that makes people feel heard and understood. This is often done through sharing stories, personal anecdotes or experiences that relate to the topic at hand. 

On the other hand, men tend to be more direct when communicating with others. They usually just state what needs saying without alluding much about how they feel about it. 

In Conclusion 

Men often feel frustrated by stonewalling behaviour as they don’t understand what the other person wants or needs, so they can’t help them solve the problem. But you can communicate effectively with your partner even through non-verbal means like body language. In that case, even if they’re not talking, you can still build trust between each other and eventually bring down that stonewall.